Complaints email for Chain Reaction?

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Anyone had reason to complain to Chain Reaction, and if so, what was the contact details you were given? If I look on their site all I can find is the same sales email address. I don't yet feel that I want to complain, but I'm getting very close to it. Any help would be appreciated.

Please note I'm NOT trying to start a Chain Reaction bashing thread, I've spent a lot with them in the past year, and they've delivered everything (barring 1 significant item) exactly as specified. This is the first problem I've had, but I'm beginning to feel stuck and want to know who to contact next.

thanks for any help
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  • Andy140
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    Had a problem recently, the item I ordered, which was in stock, just remained as pending for a couple of days and was not dispatched. Gave them a call, VERY helpful and the item was sent that day and received the next -
  • use the sales one, i had a complaint about delivery times, they were fairly prompt to reply, missing item arrived today!
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    As above, use the sales@ddress. When they sent ceramic brake blocks instead of normal I phoned them and was told to email a pic of the wrong item to sales@....
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