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Thai Curry Paste

drewfromriscadrewfromrisca Posts: 1,165
edited December 2009 in The bottom bracket
Which curry paste is hotter? Red or green? I just ate green for the 1st time (well 1st time made by myself anyway) and it was a little spicy :twisted:

Now I thought the red was hotter!? Or is this a common misconception just because it's red??? :oops:
There is never redemption, any fool can regret yesterday...

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  • :shock: :shock: :shock: Green is not supposed to be that spicy, more like a Korma equivalent IME, how do ya take your Indian/English curries :?
  • I like them hot!!! A madras is nothing to me usually, but this bad boy is stinging my lips. I bought the paste from Whole Foods which is an organic american chain in London but I doubt the organic is going to change anything!!!
    There is never redemption, any fool can regret yesterday...

    Be Pure! Be Vigilant! Behave!
  • I really think something must have gone wrong :?

    Wait for everyone else, i maybe wrong but Thai green has always seemed fairly bland :?
  • That's what I thought :shock:
    There is never redemption, any fool can regret yesterday...

    Be Pure! Be Vigilant! Behave!
  • I reckon they ma have stiched you up................Home time now though, the bus awaits :cry: But spent a fortune and day off tomo4rrow so bike awaits me Weds :D:D:D:D nghgnghghgnghgn (that spells can't wait 8) )

    Night all :)
  • nax-iannax-ian Posts: 209
    They're both hot, depends how much you use!!
    Only buy true Thai- made pastes, then you know they'll be the real deal.
  • zedderszedders Posts: 509
    I love thai green curry and have made it many times at home. I find the different brands like sharwood or blue dragon all taste different from supermarket own brands.

    But as a general rule the paste with the better (more expensive) ingredients are the nicer, and the freshness of the paste also goes a long way! Paste opened and left in the fridge for more than two weeks is no good! Fresh is best. As for heat, experiment with how much paste you use compared to coconut milk. Start with whats recommended then at half a tea spoon at a time untill you get t just how you like it? It makes a big difference.

    I've done some mosters before that even I couldn't eat without getting a dab on!
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  • MrHulotMrHulot Posts: 173
    I must admit the green curries I've had in Thai resturants have been quite hot. Also the Mae Ploy paste (from Thailand) available in my local Chinese Supermarket has an authentic flavour and if used as directed will make a very firery dish. I usually use a 1/3 of what they say and it's plenty hot enough. Are there regional variations maybe?.
  • timb64timb64 Posts: 248
    Not wishing to go all WI on yer censored :shock: but making Thai curry paste is so easy there's no excuse for buying the stuff.You can then make it as hot or mild as you like by varying how many chillies you add.
    Alternatively if you're too lazy add chillies to shop bought paste to spice it up.
  • jc4labjc4lab Posts: 554
    I reckon its red..I think its just the ginger/gamanghal content which gives the hotness in green curry.but ginger can be pretty poo..tent..if too generous with it .. Coconut milk and Lemnongrass are the main taste.. Propbably depends on the chef..North thai near Loas like it hot..Beware glass noodles from that area..Anything goes in our english copies.I get mine from the Chinese supermarket who use Thai suppliers..
  • guineaguinea Posts: 1,177
    Green is hotter than red.

    Mae Ploy curry paste is available from Tesco. It's the best.

    A large tbsp of past, a couple of Tesco's 'rocket chillies', a can of coconut milk and some chicken/veg and you have a blinding curry. I chop 2 chilies finely and put a few whole ones in to eat.

    My local tesco does about 5-10 different types of chillies. I buy a big bag of the rocket chillies which have a warning about not usuing your bare skill to prepare them. They advise wearing gloves :)
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