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Paypal Chargebacks

d4mi4nrd4mi4nr Posts: 85
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Hello all.

Have any ebay sellers out there been hit by a paypal chargeback? I sold a PS3 via Ebay sent it the address they told me to. The person signed for it but a month later issued a chargeback with the credit card company. They found in her favour so Paypal paid her the money back, they then took the money out of my Paypal account leaving me with a negative balance and no PS3. I refused to pay it back so they sent out the debt collectors.

I contacted the Financial Servicies Ombudsman, who took up the case (aparently its not legal to claim the money back off you). I sent them details, emails etc. This morning I had a grovelling email from Paypal saying sorry, I have my money back and the debt collectors have been called off, great news.

If you sell on ebay, keep all emails and make sure you send it recorded delivery so you can get a copy of the signature. I'm sure many people fall foul of this and you don't have too.
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