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anyone else entered L2P?

dcjdcj Posts: 395
Just got confirmation I'm accepted. Really looking forward to it.


  • Would like to. Tell me your thoughts on the cost vs. benefit of the ride?

    Is it the group aspect? Is it the quality of the field? I'm not sure what all the fuss is about.

    In a way I'd rather do a credit card tour with the girlfriend over the same route.
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  • emaddenemadden Posts: 2,431
    Im in... and 4 of my colleagues are in too :-)
  • dcjdcj Posts: 395
    I missed out on entries for the end2end and was gutted at the time :(
    so knowing I am getting a ride in L2P has really lifted a wet monday.
  • Me and a friend from work both entered. That was obviously the easy bit, now got a few months of training to look forward to.
  • TbagTbag Posts: 3
    I'm in too! Can't wait for the challeng :)
  • dombo6dombo6 Posts: 751
    Yes. A bit toppy but should be a lot of fun. Planning to ride back, thus saving the hassle of Eurostar/bike on truck :D
  • TbagTbag Posts: 3
    oooh, not me. Planning on attending the gala and having one or several beverages there, and then nursing the hangover on the eurostar back :)
  • Had an email this morning saying that the 2010 ride sold out in 20 hours, despite a small price increase on last year! Not that I have noticed, but I guess the recession must be over!
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