Wheel Upgrade

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I'm running some Campagnolo Khasmins on my Planet X Pro Carbon. I'm looking for some good race wheels which aren't too expensive and need surgesstions


  • Anonymous
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    Welcome to the forum.

    My suggestion would be to flick through the 'buying advice' forum and read the dozens of similar topics with the same questions and answers that have been posted in the last month...

    'Aren't too expensive' may mean less than two hundred quid or may be the difference between Zipps and Lightweights...
  • pianoman
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    Well I guess you still want to keep things practical, and to see a significant performance upgrade you'll need to go up to at least something like the Zondas or Fulcrum 3's.

    Or do you have a grand burning a hole in your pocket :P

    Also, expect a litany of handbuilt wheel options in the next few hours from the traditionalists.