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Exposure Redeye light - mounting quandry

downfaderdownfader Posts: 3,686
edited November 2009 in The bottom bracket
I've used the racemaxx 2 for about a week now. Really good light, its doing the job on the bad roads I sometimes use that have some pretty poor lighting at best. I also bought a Redeye rear light to use with it on the Jake.

Had a quick play and its bl**dy powerful. No way am I mounting that on the stays so that it shines up into other cyclists or whoever's eyes. It needs to be angled down and yes the obvious choice would be on the seatpost.

Only trouble is my rackbag is in the way (I use that instead of normal pannier bags as its more aero and gets less spray from puddles etc). Cable isnt long enough to make it stretch to the pannier rack stays either.

Anyone got any ideas? My brother says "mount it on the tube under the seat post, it lights the rear of the bike up" (paraphrased LOL) Seems like an option
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