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225mm rotor with 888's. Where can i get a +20mm mount?

womble82womble82 Posts: 4
edited January 2013 in MTB workshop & tech
Just bought a hope 225mm rotor and cant seem to find a +20mm post to post mount for this size disc.
CRC dont have one and they have not come across this problem before.
Cant just use a mount for 183 to 203 as it screws up how it sits in relation to the disc.
The specs for these forks state a max of 9" disc, so there must be something on the market that i am failing to turn up with google.


  • nicklousenicklouse Posts: 50,675 Lives Here
    get some spacers made up and use with longer bolts and then the post 203mm adaptor.

    why do you need such a big rotor? the brakes must be a bit poor.
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  • i've got some 888's and I'm running Codes for the simple reason that Hope and 888's don't go together very well. :?

    As nick said, you can just stick some extra washers on since it's post mount, however Hope told me that you do lose a bit of efficiency of the brake due to there being more flex.

    Not sure how true that is but it seems to be logical.
  • Running hope moto 6s which are great and a good fit, but after very long hard descents they get bloody hot and stink.
    Also want to save my hands as a week in Morzine in the summer was tough work on the fingers.
    Didnt want to use washers for that very reason, as 12mm of washers will move about a bit.
    If there is nothing on the market i will have to find some 12mm ally and get some holes drilled in it. A job for my design and technology teacher mate me thinks. lol.
  • ramemtbersramemtbers Posts: 1,562
    i have 888s and i run hope moto m4s. the m4s squeal in the wet like a pig being mutilated and when the start to squeal the power goes and there rubbish. brilliant in the dry though> 8)
  • Just stumbled upon my old thread so thought I would update it.
    This was the solution I came up with in the end.
    Got my mate to chop a Hope bracket up and drill some holes. Then with 2 spring washers bolted it all up.

    Worked perfectly without any movement.
    Since sold on the monos and replaced with Hope V2 evo for some insane stopping power. I can lock up the front wheel on tarmac with one finger :shock:

    And here is the bike it is on, my Trek session 10, which is currently in pieces on the dinning room table, awaiting being sprayed in Blaze green plasti-dip when it comes back into stock.
    Running 888 RC3 WC, Straitline flats, Works components 1.5 degree angleset and offset rear shock bushes to give a relaxed 63.5 degree ish head angle. Can't wait to get out to Morzine again this summer for my 4th time :D
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