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Steerer tube lengths

RansakaRansaka Posts: 474
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I'm thinking of replacing my current stock forks (Dart 1s) with something involving lockout and smoother travel (Tora's for example). Since I'm on a bit of budget I've been scouring ebay and have noticed that all steerer tubes appear to be cut by previous owners to random lengths.

I presume that a shorter steerer means less spacers on top and therefore a lower bar height. How do people find riding with lower bars compared to higher ones?
Is there an advantage/disadvantage or is it purely personal preference?
I presume it lowers your centre of gravity a bit and therefore potentially helps with control?



  • nicklousenicklouse Posts: 50,675 Lives Here
    the length of the steerer tube needs to long enough for your frame and the combined stack height of the headset/stem and any spacers you want.
    how many spacers you have above or below it is purely up to you.

    the height of the grips can be changed but different stems/inverting current stem different rize bars etc.
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