Free water bottle offer (sort of)

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Just found this offer, might be interesting for some people... They’re giving water bottles away for just the price of the postage here. Only one per order but well worth the effort I reckon! ... ttle-offer



  • thanks for the link!
  • ooh, freebies :)
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  • Anonymous
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    That's about £1.95 more than I normally pay for a water bottle...
  • afcbian
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    You can order more than 1 an still only pay 1.95 total postage
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  • antfly
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    It says one bottle per order so you`ll only get one.
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  • Got a Cycling Active bottle free just for completing their reader survey.

    750ml. Not used it yet but the lid seal does not look too impressive. I expect it to leak.
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  • Pross
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    Got mine free by standing at the side of the road at the National's feeding station :lol: