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A good headcam for commuting?

surreyxcsurreyxc Posts: 293
edited November 2009 in Commuting chat
Wondering what headcams are worth looking at to record my commute to work, so if I am unlucky enough to be hit, I have some video footage to give to the police. Something that could make a number plate legible, copes well with vibration and low light, please include cost, I am sure there are some awesome cameras out there, but looking at 200 squid tops preferably a lot less.

And where would be the best place to mount it on the bike or head, rear or forward facing.Cheers


  • iPeteiPete Posts: 6,076
    Go Pro HD, spanking new camera on the market, unbelievable quality for the price. Not sure the UWA is what your after but you can mount it to anything.

    I'm saving up to import one from the US, should come in around the 200 mark but you might want more mounts, bigger memory cards etc.

    Saying that, I'm buying it more for MTB/car/action sports than my commute.

    There is also the new Contour HD to look at, not as wide angle.

    Also for less money there are the older non-HD models.

    Check the sticky at the top, some people here have some super cheap solutions.. ... t=12609612
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