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Should have stayed in bed yesterday

Matt.KMatt.K Posts: 105
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I think yesterday was one of the worst runs of luck I've had in one day.

Woke up, went to get cereal, walked past the oven and thought 'that's a bit warm'. Turned out after cooking a chicken the previous night I'd left the oven on. Gas mark 5 for 12 hours! Not happy.

Then got in to work to find that the server with all my work on had corrupted and the last reliable back up was from the Thursday night so I've lost all of Friday and Mondays work (which unusually for me was quite a lot of work) and now have to re do all of it once the back up is restored this morning.

Then, riding in to York to meet wife and friends for pizza the batteries go on my Hope Vision 1. Not too bad, I carry spares so just had to navigate to a field entrance to pull over and swap them.
So go to pull over, get a bit of toe/wheel overlap as I unclip, hear a big crunch.
Turns out the Crud Roadracer has sacrificed itself in order to save the rest of my wheel, which thankfully it did.
A colleague passes on his bike and stops to see if he's OK, I tell him it's just the batteries cos I'm too embarrassed to say I just kicked my own guard to death!
Turns out the tail of the guard had snapped the main moulding just above the screw fixing area and then the side arm has snapped the main moulding on the screw fixing area for that bit also.
Luckily (if that was possible yesterday) the self centering design of the Roadracers mean that the bike is still perfectly ridable with the guard still on, just had to remove the flapping side arm then I could continue for the remaining 7 miles of the journey without incident.
Oh, apart from my computer flying off on a bit of rough road so that now has a scratch screen! :roll:

Sorry to rant, hopefully today will be much better.
And I'll be getting on to Mr Crud with hope of a replacement main bit :o


  • il_principeil_principe Posts: 9,152
    I feel your pain.

    I've spent the last 2 months living in a building site as various unexpected problems (postal strike, damp, wiring, plumbing) continued to crop up and delay things. Meantime I'm in the middle of purchasing a new flat and despite having agreed a price in August we're struggling to complete. Then 2 weeks ago on the Friday before completion we discover the freeholder of the property has entered Administration - cue putting all plans on hold for at least a week. 2 weeks on and we're still not completed, solicitor is struggling with administrators and I've got movers booked for Friday and a telecoms engineer and sky installation booked for Saturday. There's a lead time on organising these things and in all likelehood I'm going to have to cancel them and the move tomorrow, pushing things back yet again. I've also booked time off work for Friday, and have to give at least 2 weeks notice for holiday bookings, cancellations, changes etc.

    Then yesterday, just 2 weeks after the builders have finished work, my boiler gives up - turns out I have a gas leak - so not hot water, hob or heating for me.

    On top of all this I am still healing thanks to a broken collar bone sustained when a car hit me in October, so no bike, public transport every day and no handling any house move by myself as I cannot lift heavy boxes. Oh yeah, and the incision the surgeon made is now infected, cue another trip to the docs and a course of antibiotics.

    And just to put the cherry on the cake, 2 clients pulled bookings from me in October and November causing me to drop back below my monthly target and costing me a cool £900 in commission, money that would have been very welcome giving the expense of purchasing property in London.

    Fcuked off doesn't begin to cover it.
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  • hisokahisoka Posts: 541
    Ergh, not good mixtures there for ya either. Stressors aplenty :(
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  • CafewandaCafewanda Posts: 2,788
    Hey Jash, :shock: Still think my idea of the boys and the 'peth is a good idea given your current situation (sedate hug). Actually have another hug for using PT for any length of time :shock:

    Matt.K - hope today is better for you :)
  • Clever PunClever Pun Posts: 6,778
    Well if you had stayed in bed it's possible your house might have burnt down
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  • Matt.KMatt.K Posts: 105
    OK, ITB I think you win that one!

    CP - That could have been possible. Although the wife gets up half an hour later and would have discovered my mistake and given me several days of earache about it! As it is she knows nothing about it and I intend to keep it that way.

    The server still isn't restored which means I can do pretty much nothing at the moment except try to look busy so people don't pester me to do stuff for them cos as soon as I can do work again I've not got 3 days worth of catching up to do!
  • Awwww you guys! I feel for you. Hugs and beer all round.
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