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Tescos £1 Million bikes!

SplottboySplottboy Posts: 3,695
edited November 2009 in MTB general
According to the "Telegraph", Tescos finance dept mistakenly paid £984,000 for 6 Sports Direct "Muddy Fox" suspension bikes, instead of £984.
And...they won't give the money back, as yet.

Wow! I'll never complain that my local bike shop is expensive or doesn't like giving refunds.


  • colintravcolintrav Posts: 1,074
    Why didn't you post the article which you speak off ,,,

    to validate your post ...
  • whoever said the pen is mightier than the sword obviously never encountered automatic weapons
  • bails87bails87 Posts: 12,998
    I'd imagine Mike Ashley could do with the money to be honest!

    "As I said last time, it won't happen again."
  • ha what a fail on tescos behalf
    Drop, Berm, Jump, Sky, Sky, Sky, Sweet Beautiful Earth OUCH, OUCH,OUCH, ****! GORSE BUSH!!!

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  • P-JayP-Jay Posts: 1,478
    They're about to suffer the absolute wrath of god.

    Every Little Helps to customer.

    F*uck you, pay me to suppliers.

    You don't mess with supermarkets in the business world.
  • colintrav wrote:
    Why didn't you post the article which you speak off ,,,

    to validate your post ...

    Its actually on the front of Bike Radar currently one of the main stories

    Anyone who can get one over on the supermarkets has my vote
    They usually cripple their suppliers with constantly reduced prices
  • gav77gav77 Posts: 10
    The money will be on Mike Ashley's roulette table by now. Fat [email protected]! Get out of our club!
  • Saw this today, i wish Tesco would stick to selling bread and milk instead of trying to get into electrical and white goods and now bikes. :roll:
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  • clarksonclarkson Posts: 1,641
    how amusing. what a bunch of pillocks!
    I said hit the brakes not the tree!!

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  • Might have to go buy one, bargin of the century, £120,000 bike for a snip over £100 :lol:

    you'd like to think tesco would miss that amount of cash, but its pocket change to them
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