Anyone ridden the new Parlee Z5?

jonehall Posts: 24
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Can't find any ride reviews anywhere...

Heard it's a step up from the Z4, but has anyone ridden this puppy yet?


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  • Mccaria
    Mccaria Posts: 869
    A longer thread on the Z5 from WW ... =3&t=62108

    Sounds like in the UK Bespoke Cycling are worth talking to.

    Does this mean you are having 2nd thoughts on the Z4 ?
  • I'm the OP and ha ha - yes I am having second thoughts on the Z4. Actually, I've cancelled my order and already ordered the Z5. (oops - haven't told the wife yet)

    Primarily, it's about fit - I had an R3 on test and realized that a 120mm head tube was only just OK with 3 cm spacers. (I'm young, thin and with good flexibility, but I'm all legs and short torso). So the Z5 in small with tall headtube (148mm) is probably better suited to me - i can run no or max 1cm spacer which i would much prefer to do. And for the extra $900* i also get a lighter frame, BB30 (for future upgrades), tapered steer tube and the latest model over the Z4 - better for resale and I've heard it is a little better than Z4 and just as Parlee 'smooth'. Figure I keep this frame between 2 and 5 years, so the cost over that time is not too bad, given how addicted to riding I am. And for once I'll have a frame which is fast and fits.

    *I was paying a little extra on the Z4 to have the frame refinished, but sticking with stock graphics (at least for now) on the Z5.

    Anyway - the reason I'm posting is because I'm on a hunt for all the info i can get on the Z5, in anticipation! Thanks for the links so far...