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Stolen Stumpjumper/Giant XTC Essex Sat 21st Nov

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Hi Everyone - mate of mine had his and his partners bikes stolen from his garage in Leigh-on-Sea Essex sometime Saturday 21st November. Bikes stolen were 2008 Specialized Stumpjumper FSR Pro and a Giant XTC carbon hardtail. Please let me know if you see advertised or are offered any of the aforementioned bikes. Both these bikes are serious mountain bikes and will only be of interest to proper mountain bikers.

Bike theft - bring back capital punishment!.


  • I know it might be a bit paranoid but I have won this auction: ... 1161806812 for the same bike (and in Leigh-on-Sea) and have only problems with sellers:
    (a) they did not want me to see (test) the bike during auction (they reasoned it with a death in a family) - they assured me that rider's height 5'5" will be inappropriate for the 18" frame, that had 10 observers so it is my and their loss of time before Christmas (sic!),
    (b) they wanted me pay via PayPal before collection,
    (c) now it comes to collection they did not send me their details as agreed before, but want to meet in my village (Rochford) train station (not their home address) - again 'death in a family' and family visits.

    Anyway - I decided to bid the bike anyway (but warned them BEFORE it will be cash during collection and testing prior to payment) - looks like gem for this price and was ready even to get negative comment if not right one!
    I have won it for starting price (so no luck with their observers :) or empty threat?) , but the longer I deal with them, the more dodgy this whole transaction looks like.
    Against the fencing stolen bike goes this paperwork they offer (they stated it has been bought off Bike Base in Southend) but how many times you hear about burglars doing whole house clear-out?

    What do you reckon, mate? :/
  • Hi - the bike in the listing is not the stolen bike - thanks for checking though.
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