what colour bling for white frame

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Another thread got me thinking,what colour goes well with a white frame,i'm thinking red or blue.


  • Surely any colour will go with white as long as you don't mix it up.
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  • Anonymous
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    It will looked the dog's bollox on white frame :)
  • Surely any colour will go with white as long as you don't mix it up.

    It will looked the dog's bollox on white frame

    Except gold!!!! :shock:
    Ridley Orion
  • lawman
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    flurescent green
  • blue and red always look good on white, what parts are you looking to bling?
  • piker
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    Looking at seatpost clamp,headset,grips,mech hanger ,that sort of thing.
  • Most will look supreme with white, I personally, have stuck to red and blue bling 8)

    Oh wait, no, my pedals are grey, not such a hot look!
  • Alex
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    Electric blue looks good with white.

    However I'm colourblind.
  • blakef111 wrote:
    blue and red always look good on white, what parts are you looking to bling?

    that's what I'm going for on my build at the moment, looking good so far- but there is plue and red on the fork logos and a small red logo on the frame- if they weren't there I might have gone for green or something. Not gold thought!
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    Blue with white would get my vote.
    Make sure it's all the same shade of blue though.
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  • andy46
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    i've gone for red on mine, but the scott logo is in black and red.

    is there anything else on the frame or is it plain white?
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  • _Ferret_
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    anything goes with white.

    I'd take advantage of all the green on the market at the moment, who knows how long it will last...
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    Matt black and gold.
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  • jmillen
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    White and carbon is what I've gone for :lol:

    Ooh, and bits of blue :D
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    Enough said. :wink:
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  • mine is all white with some tiny accents of red and blue...
  • Hercule Q
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    Blue and white is awesome!

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  • Stick to one colour is best - I have all red bits on my spicy 516

    But blue is great too, and green can work as well. Hope and chris king are great for coloured bling bits now (among other companies!)
  • Northwind
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    Chrome, and some blue. Be cutting edge like young Northwind was:


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  • piker
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    I was leaning towards red but now thinking blue,will have to look for some pictures.mattbarnes bike looks good.
  • Go for blue it looks the bomb ( and cause I'm going for red and don't want it to be common!) :wink:
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  • I agree with red and blue, they look really effective against white.

    If I owned this bike.


    Without wanting to over-do things, I would perhaps consider a saddle like this with a flash of red.


    And maybe some of these to finish things off.


    And that would be me done. :wink:
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  • _Ferret_
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    you could do with some white grips too!
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  • jadamson
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    Blue!! 8)

    please post the pics of the build when you decided...white frames make me drool :o
  • day glo green! all the way!! THE 80'S IS BACK.
  • blue, but all of similiar colour. Red as well but basically any colour i can think of would work, IMO gold would work but thats just my 2p

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  • It has to black as you can add black, white, grey, silver parts to complete the look As an idea you would have the bike black at the front phasing into white Knogs do white lights Or go for the 'ice' look-everything white though watch as if you get this wrong it could look horribley girlie!!!
  • mrfmilo
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    White looks good with white 8) - if not, red.

    Is this too much white? IMO a white saddle and pedals are needed.