Propel Wingnut Hyper - Hydration.

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this was highly rated in WMB in the summer, does anyone know where to buy these in the UK? googling draws a blank except the distributor, waiting for an email from them but thought someone on here may know?
Any help appreciated.


  • Splottboy
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    Karrimor do similar bags, about 1/2 the price. I've had the 15lt Hydrate which is 2 yrs old and damage free. Great bag, fit and weight...and much cheaper!
  • GHill
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    I have bought stuff direct from that distributor before, started with emails and then called them to make the purchase.
  • Is this what you're after? If so, looks like a stock problem. ... 5-bag.html

    I know how you feel though, I wanted to buy the Vaude Aquarius Air 3.5 plus 2 for my bro and couldn't find one anywhere.

    I'm also tempted to buy the Uvex XP100 Helmet in black but nowhere in the Uk that sells it has it in stock. :(
    Stumpjumper fsr comp £1,600
    Some cycle clobber £357.26
    A load of stuff to clean and lube with £54.56
    Hydration rucksack £9.95

    Watching this clueless buffoon make an ar$e of myself out on the trails. PRICELESS! :D
  • gregsd
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    Worth tracking down a Wingnut, if you can. I've got a Hyper 3 and really like it, espically the side pockets; no more taking your pack off to get to stuff! Took a few times to get it seated on my back properley, but now I hardly notice it's there, even when stuffed full. I picked mine up from Big Bear Bikes back in August, though it took awhile to find a shop with stock.
  • TonyWard
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    Also really like mine. Got it from the distributor
  • Got my Wingnut Hyper 2.5 from Summit Cycles earlier this year but were in short supply as there were issues with the supply to this country.

    I'm sure I saw an advert in one of the magazines last month so looks like they have a new supply so be worth contacting them as they were very helpfull.

    They are the best hydration pack I have used as no longer get any back pain which was quite common with previous packs. Only thing I have changed on mine is to insert an insulating sheet in the hydration pouch so water is not warmed up by body heat.

    Can also be a squeze getting through the trail gates at afan if you have a big load as lower down than other packs.

    Would not be without it now