MTB clothing sizes = random

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Anyone else find MTB clothing very random for sizing?

It makes internet ordering very tricky. I think I'm fairly "normal" (albeit shortish) in proportion. For most clothes and wetsuits I'm a medium.

I have 2 x small Endura shorts - verging on too baggy.
Large Spesh gloves - quite slim fitting
Large Spesh helmet (big head I guess) - just right but huge.
My tops range from smalls that are a bit baggy to mediums that are verging on too tight.
My Altura jackets are small (slim but good fit) and Large (slightly too big)

Random, random random!!


  • bails87
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    Agreed, I'm a small in one glove make, a large in another.

    I'm quite tall (with lanky legs), but very slim, so you'd expect shorts to be either too short, or too baggy.

    But my Endura Humvees are spot on size wise (in a medium I think), however, the liner is very, very tight. From my height, I'm large/medium, from my waist I'd be a small, so I don't know how anyone short would wear the shorts, they'd either be suffocated by the tiny lycra liner, or the shorts themselves would be much too long, in order for the 'matching' liner to fit around the waist.

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  • Agreed.

    I have some Northwave shorts that 'medium', some spesh shorts that are 'large' and some DHB shorts that are 'XL'. all of which fit me with my 34-36' waist.
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    Agreed, I'm a small in one glove make, a large in another.

    I have also had this problem.
    Does seem quite random!
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  • Surf-Matt
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    It does seem strange.

    With surfing kit, I can usually confidently buy on-line - every time I try doing the same with MTB kit, I get it wrong.

    So I don't buy cycle clothes on-line any more.
  • .blitz
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    I'm an average XL so I just order the biggest size. The only exception is Endura where everything is massively, humongously big.
  • Matt your right on this, i stopped putting Bike gear on my christmas lists a couple of years ago as no one knew whats szes to buy and so on..
  • robertpb
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    I'm 5'5" and weigh 61kg so in most things I order small.

    But where it goes wrong is in gloves and socks. Altura gloves it's medium, Endura it's large, Sealskinzs, the medium is tight and the large too big, a pair of Aldi mitts extra large, my hands are size 9.

    Socks, my feet are size 43, but again sock sizes vary from medium to large.
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  • P-Jay
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    Yeah it's miles out.

    I put it down to some companies using the old fashioned sizing charts, set way-back-when, when the general public were a lot fiter than they are now - because cyclist tend to be fit. - I, am not.

    And the rest using standard worlwide (not US) sizing.

    I find Royal stuff very tight, Sombrio shorts are super baggy, but their tops are small.

    Endura and Altura stuff is always big, as is Fox and Troy lee to a lessor extent.

    Howies stuff! Fashion and sports is super small for its size.

    Dakin stuff fits me best.
  • supersonic
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    I find the same with all clothes - and same with bike sizes innit?!
  • I find this too. Bought some jerseys on t'internet a while ago. One raceface, one royal. I'm usually a medium T shirt size and i found that the i could hardly get the mediums on. I sent them back and ordered larges and when i got them they were HUGE! They went back too. Very strange. When to my LBS in the end and bought a Specialized one in the end. Medium size, perfect fit. Well done specialized :D
    Bikes are OK, I guess... :-)

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  • Surf-Matt
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    supersonic wrote:
    I find the same with all clothes - and same with bike sizes innit?!

    See I don't find it with most other clothes - I'm usually medium.

    When I repped for Rip Curl, I was the only one that fitted a medium (of all the reps) so got all the samples - for next to nothing! Same with most brands - Howies are a bit slim but okay, Finisterre are slimish, some are a bit bagger but most fit fine.

    Not encountered such random sizing as in MTB clothing before!