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Hi Guy's
Im in the process of building a fixed gear, retro, round the town fun bike. Would anyone know where i can get the old style cow horn handle bar's from?? I thought i woud find them quite easy, or am i not looking hard enough!!! :roll:

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  • cougie
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    Dont see the point in the cowhorns - it just reduces your choices of hand position.

    Stick to normal bars and then you'll be able to use the bike over longer distances.
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    Try Googling bullhorn bars and you should find them.

    Since I don't use drops much anyway I find them perfectly comfortable for long rides, perhaps even more so given my cruising position is on gel padded bars as opposed to uncomfortable hoods (the hoods on my STIs are nice and comfy, but the hoods on both the Tricross I had and now the Bowery are much less comfortable for me).
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    Try, they have a large selection of bars to choose from. Loads of weird shapes.
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    Or 'chop and flop' some old drops. That's what I did. Prefer the shorter extensions it gives. Cheaper too (free if you've got some old drops lying around).
  • Cranks wrote:
    Try, they have a large selection of bars to choose from. Loads of weird shapes.

    cool website...although the funniest bit for me was the H&S advice on the soma cup holder:

    "Coffee is hot and potentially dangerous. Soma recommends you operate your mug only when your bike is stopped." ... aid%3D5%26
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    charge do them.

    I had them on my plug but found them rubbish and fitted drops

  • cheers guy's, the pic's of the ones comming up on the net were slightly diffrent to the one's i remember in day's gone, the one's i do remember seeing were like speedway bike bars quite a wide bar almost uncomfortable looking in a way but im not sure if you can still buy those or would have to have them made. The cruiser bar come close but cant find any like this ... r+Bike.jpg