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thanks to all of you

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I have not asked a direct question, but I will explain..

I have had bikes on and off for years, on and off, as a going to the shops tool, and been riding a giant boulder for a couple of years, which has done great for me. Towpath level stuff and local tracks with my young son, whos now 12. I got the bug, and we have done Delamere and landegra a few times, and my steed began to show its limitations - although for those reading this who really just want to get fit and potter round feasier tracks for excercise, I do think the boulder challenges the "300 quid" assumption. I am going to hang some better stuff on it as a spare.

Anyhow, reading all your answers, I decided not to ask the "what bike for £700" you well meaningly would all have your say :D

I have read your comments on gears/forks/frames and have travelled shops to spec out etc etc and spent my bike to work money on a 2010 GT avalanche 1.0. And its amazed me how the step up in price, and component quality, makes the difference (although I must admit I cant spot much difference in frame quality from the boulder....) and I have a nice tough bike that after three good blasts feels like an extension of me already.

Great forum, thanks
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  • Good decision, in my opinion, to go ahead and get what is right for you, rather than getting endless confusing information from well meaning folk who are happy to plug their bike. You can start with a shortlist of 3 or 4, and end up with more than a dozen on your list of must have bikes.

    Like you, I was amazed when I stepped up from budget to something better, it seems to make all the work you did on the old bike worthwhile, and boy do you notice the difference with weight, better parts, smoother gear changes, improved braking, etc.

    The Avalanche 1.0 is a decent all rounder, my riding buddy has the 09 version and he loves it to bits, good quality frame too!
    Ridley Orion
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