Upgrade for Carrera Vulcan

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I want to save a bit (well, as much as possible really) of weight and have about £59-60 to spend.
Any Ideas?
Cheers :)


  • A pair of these maybe?
  • stevet1992
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    2nd hand set of forks ... The XCM's are pants !
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  • Try going Courier Spec- one chainring, cuts the weight down no end
  • Tyres are definitely your best bet.Racing Ralphs,Conti Speed Kings,are 500g or less,so likely to be substantilaly lighter.

    Make sure they suit where you ride though....... :wink:
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  • +1 for tyres
  • rhann
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    stevet1992 wrote:
    2nd hand set of forks ... The XCM's are pants !
    agree 100% new life to my bike just added tora 302's to mine and it feels alot better. the xcms, are useledd if you want a decent fork then a £30 is not the way to go.