Some questions on FOX shock maintenance please.

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got stumpjumper comp fsr recently and wonder how to maintain the shocks.

My shocks are:

Rear Shock:
Fox Triad, custom on-the-fly 3-position switch 1) lock out 2) Open 3) ProPedal pedal assisting damping, rebound adjust.

Fork: Fox Float 120 RL, 120mm travel, compression and rebound adjust with LO, alloy steerer

Anyway i've seen that there are 2 types of products for the socks:

1. suspension fluid cleaner

Which one to get: ... 5ad2f748a9 ... 20a99c73aa ... 5ad2f748a9

may be something else?

2. Bicycle Suspension Oil. - is that for putting inside the shocks themselves.

3. whats all this about 10wt; 7wt, 11wt. Which to get?

Is there anything else i've missed. thanks all for help and clearing up this mess.




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    I can't really explain any easier than the Fox guides.

    There is only so much you can do at home though, you certainly can't replace the damping fluid on the rear shock - it needs to be sent away.
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    All I've done to my Triad in three years of owning it is to take the air can apart occaisionally, wipe it clean and put the relevant amount of float fluid in. As for the forks, if you don't know what you're doing I wouldn't go fiddling with them. Get them serviced once a year through somebody like TFTuned (who I'd personally recommend) or MOJO. At least you know they've been serviced properly. Other than that makesure you wipe and around the stanchions / air shaft after each ride to remove grit and dirt.

    As for the questions about suspension oil, the 7wt / 10 wt etc. refers to the viscosity of the oil used inside the forks. Different forks will require different weight oils in different quantities in different places. For example my Rockshox REBAs require 2 different wt oils, one for lubrication and one for damping duties. Get the wrong one and you'll seriously mess up the performance of the forks. You don't have to buy Fox oils either, genric motorbike suspension oil will be a lot cheaper.
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