Cannondale Six Carbon 105 vs Scott CR1 Team

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Hi everyone,

I´m about to get a new road bike and those two are my main candidates. My choice is limited to Evans Cycles, since my company joined their Ride2Work scheme and I´m getting the bike through them.
Having a look at their catalogue I have come up with these two, since they still have some 54"s in stock (I´m 172cm / 5' 8"), and I rather get a 2009 bike than an, in my opinion, overpriced 2010 model.

I like the look of the Cannondale, but I read a review of the Six Carbon 3 that made me hesitate, and I think the 105 uses the same frame and fork, with 1.3 and 0.7 kg! ... 9-us-34741

What do you think of these two? Which one will you choose and why?

Thanks :D


  • The Scott CR1 2009 doesnt have a replaceable rear hanger.which is a bad design if you happen to throw yourself and the bike down the road.
    The new CR1 2010 frame has been redesigned and now has a rear hanger.
    So for me i would forget about the 2009 CR1 and consider either the 2010 model in the scott.or move on to Cannondale, maybe take alook at the synapse himod or the supersix
    synapse and supersix with the bb30 look like a good choice to me but others may disagree.
  • Thanks for your reply. Unfortunately the supersix is out of my price range :)

    There's another bike from Cannondale I'm interested in, the Six Ultegra SL, and I don't know if this one would be a better bike than the Six Carbon. It has a full Ultegra groupset instead of 105, mavic ksyrium rims instead of mavic race, but an aluminium frame: ... %20ultegra

    I'd love to know the weight of these but they don't say :evil: