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how good will spinning be for me?

jstanmanjstanman Posts: 21
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now theres nothing i like better than getting out at least 3 times a week(dark,wet,cold,muddy its all good)but work & family commitments have cut this down to just i've found a local spinning class and tried it a couple of times,but is it any good?or would a turbo trainer be better


  • Spinning is great if it's in addition to normal bike riding, it will improve your fitness, but obviously won't replicate riding for real.
    Ridley Orion
  • tom_funtom_fun Posts: 124

    What is spinning?
  • robertpbrobertpb Posts: 1,866
    tom_fun wrote:

    What is spinning?

    It's what you use to do in the playground until you went dizzy and fell over. :lol:
    Now where's that "Get Out of Crash Free Card"
  • Hercule QHercule Q Posts: 2,781
    paying to use an exersise bike in a class at the gym

    go up the tip and get an old exersise bike and put it in your garage listen to some thrash metal and pedal like fook

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  • paying to use an exersise bike in a class at the gym

    Spin is on an exercise bike, however it is probably the indoor equivalent of riding in a group, rather than on your own. To get the most out of it you need to listen to your instructor and really give it some welly, it is great for cardio and stamina.
    Ridley Orion
  • AnderzzAnderzz Posts: 103
    In my phys sessions in the RAF we do spinning on bikes that are different to the normal exercise bikes.

    they just have a metal front disk and a knob ya turn to alter resistance. its bloody hard work at times!

    Definately good for keeping ya fitness up
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