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kenda tyre diffrences???

richg1979richg1979 Posts: 1,087
edited November 2009 in MTB general
can anyone tell me what the diffrence in ride between the nevegal and the blue groove? fastest grippiest ect.


  • NorthwindNorthwind Posts: 14,675
    edited November 2009
    I've used both though I just didn't like the Blue Groove much so I might be biased. Nevegal is IMO slightly faster- that's more obvious in the 2.35. The stick-e 2.35s of both the Nevegal and BG are pretty slow to be fair but they do stick like mad.

    In terms of pure grip I find it hard to say which is better. The BG is better for upright grip, ie braking on descents, initiating corners etc, but it's a very directional feeling tyre, I don't think it grips as well when leaned over. Also, it has fairly little side grip so it's not much good at climbing out of ruts, the Nevegal isn't amazing at it either but it's much better. That might or might not be an issue for you but I hate the way they tramline.

    The 2.1 BG comes up at only 2 inches compared to the 2.1 Nevegal which is actually 2.1 inches. The grip here is pretty similiar despite that, with much the same character- BG is the grippier braker/steerer but the Nevegal is better at side grip and when leaned right over.

    But, this stuff can all be pretty subjective, the bottom line is the BG feels slower to me, and does some things I don't like, and that puts me off it so I might be discounting some good stuff it does. Still, I use a Nevegal now and I doubt I'll fit my BG again.
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  • I use both just now, a Blue Groove front and a Nevegal rear, both Stick-E compound, and unlike Northwind, I find my front tyre to be fantastic. It goes where I point it and stays locked on course, much more so than my previous Continental Mountain Kings or Michelin Mountain Xtrem A/T's.

    The problem is that we're both right. Tyres are such a subjective and personal issue that you really just have to take a leap of faith and try them.

    The 2.35 Stick-E's that I use would be horrendous on an XC bike, they are such a soft tyre, but on a DH/Freeride rig they are totally in their element.
  • NorthwindNorthwind Posts: 14,675
    Good post that. I'm not sure if the BG is actually worse, it just does different things to what I want. The 2.35 on the front is doable as an XC tyre if you're in decent shape but it's like having the brakes dragging all the time, pretty much, sustained climbing is hard work. Not usually worth the hassle IMO though I'm using one on the front to give a wee bit of a safety net.
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  • i'd just like to add that i cant belive what a difference putitng the nevegal's on my bike has made. I thought i'd replace the bontrager ones that came as standard on my bike and i just wish i'd done it sooner. So much more grip, especially in these slippy conditions and its given me alot more confidence on the bike
  • I've been running 2.35s - Blue Groove up front and Nevegal at the back - on my HT for over a year and on my FS (2.1 rear) for the past 3 months. The combo works well. You may sacrifice some speed for XC but for me it is a good year round set up.

    I did have the Nevegals at the front and back but find the Blue Groove seems to more 'planted' at the front.

    I might look at a narrower front on the FS as I'm pretty sure the 2.1 rear is hooking up better in the gloop than the 2.35 on the HT. That said, it could be down to the suspension.

    Might even go for some mud tyres...


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