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How bad was my day then?

TonymufcTonymufc Posts: 1,016
edited November 2009 in Commuting chat
Set off on my 8 mile commute yesterday morning. Wind was absolutely bitting, freezing cold and p1ssing it down. Undeterred I set off. A mile from work I get a puncture. Fantastic. Remove gloves, hands start to get cold. Take out tyre levers. Brake both levers trying to remove tyre with cold hands. See cyclist coming my way. Great! Not so he rode straight past. ( Thanks by the way who ever you were ). Eventually manage to get tyre off. Get to work late and covered in oil. Have censored day in work. Finish work get on bike to ride home, only for a woman driver to nearly run me over. " I'm sorry, I didn't see you" she said. " Not as sorry as I would've been had you hit me" was my response. Finally make it home in one piece. Rant over. :x


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