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Correct bike sizing - road to mtb

luketorroniluketorroni Posts: 73
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Hi all... I was wondering if anyone could help me size up correctly for a new mountain bike.

I am primarily a road rider but looking to hit some singletrack/trials for some additional off-road fun. What size frame or dimensions should I be looking for?

My road bikes are usually a top tube length of 53-54cm centre-centre and I'm 5'7"

Should I look for the same in a mountain bike or should it be longer?


  • supersonicsupersonic Posts: 82,708 Lives Here
    Try some out and see what feels right. MTBs vary a hell of a lot more than road bikes do - a typical medium frame maybe 66-72 head angle, 540mm-600mm effective top tube length, plus stem and bar set ups make a huge difference.

    Many beginners prefer a shorter top tube and more upright confidence inspiring stance. I am 6ft, 33" inside leg and my Zaskar has a 595mm top tube and 80mm stem. I think you are in the right ball park, maybe a touch longer but keep an eye on those angles - 69-71 degrees is normal for a 100mm forked XC bike, and 73 degrees in the seat angle.

    Also see the What Size thread in the buying forum.
  • nicklousenicklouse Posts: 50,675 Lives Here
    supersonic wrote:
    I am 6ft, 33" inside leg and my Zaskar has a 595mm top tube and 80mm stem.

    while I am 175cm and have an effective top tube of 570mm and a 100mm stem
    and riser bars.

    there is no real science like there is with road bikes it is so much more on how the bike fits
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  • Goto your local bike shop and try a few and see how they feel

    Both my road bike and MTB are a medium frame but stand them next to each and you wouldnt say so
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