Chipped by crossbar all the way to the frame... pro repair?

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Hi guys...

I've got a Specialized Seceur and managed to take a couple of tiny chips right back to the metal on the crossbar. The bike's only been out a couple of times and this happened by accident inside.... I managed to drop my other bike on it!

Does anyone know the best way forward with this... the chips are about 1mm wide but obviously I'm not taking it outside until I've fixed it...

Cheers for your advice in advance.



  • redddraggon
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    What's there to worry about? Just ride it.

    It's not like it's going to rust or anything.
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  • Hmmm this is true it won't rust. Who'd have thought I got an A at Chemistry all those years ago... so have I got nothing to worry about at all?
  • redddraggon
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    You could cover the chip up with a bit of touch up paint in the same colour. Most of my alloy bikes have chips out them for years and it's not caused them to corrode away.
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  • crankycrank
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    I'll agree with the others. No need to paint over chips on alu for corrosion protection. That's what I love about my alu frame. Chips, scratches, who cares, HA!! One of these years I may get around to repainting it. But, probably not.
  • Mister W
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    I have a little pot of touch up paint for my bike. Although it's not necessary to cover the chips it does look nicer.
  • Tom Butcher
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    Yes definitely a little bit of touch up on a new frame - saves you remembering that horrible moment you dropped your other bike on it every time you look down at the top tube. Scrapes from crashes however can be considered character and you can explain them with the story about how you crashed descending the Gailbier at 50mph - even if you really fell off on the way to the shops when you failed to unclip.

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