Transalp or trans uk or trans rockies before i'm too Old?

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Myself and a good mate have decided that next year is the right time to do a "Trans" event as it is something we have spoken about for a few years and I don't want to leave it so late in life that I will never compete in this ultimate endurance event.
Any suggestions as to the best and most worthwhile event and what experience do you have of a Trans event?


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    how old are you?

    I have a mate in his 40s still completing trans alp events every year. Not races but organised crossings

    The ultimate event would have to be the Great Divide Race; Canada to Mexico. Should take about 6 weeks at a reasonable pace I rekon, the racers manage it in closer to 20 days, which is just bonkers on a level I can't even begin to consider.
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  • I am 39 years old and do around 3 - 4 100k Marathon events in the UK per year only. The Trans alps 7-8 day events will possibly break me so I couldn't imagine 6 weeks in the saddle.
    It is the family commitments that have previously prevented me from competing in a Trans event. Entering the Great Divide would mean no family when I got back! Tempted though!
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    Trans UK is a great intro to Trans events. The "proper" racing only amounts to about 60k over the event, done as four flat-out sprint type special stages run at trail centres. The rest of the time you're on linking stages, up to 80k a day. There are max times for these stages but you can complete them without killing yourself if you have a reasonable fitness. As a result the camaraderie and atmosphere are great. Its a lot cheaper than the others too.
  • I'm 38, I did La Ruta last year and TransRockies this year.

    TransRockies is very well organised and in some pretty spectacular scenery, this year was horrible in the wet and cold (the organisers told us this was the worst year for weather). Camping was fun the first few nights but got a bit boring after a long day in the saddle. Food was top notch, just the right amount of stodge to keep every one happy.

    Staff were all good and the check points well spaced. 7 days of racing 2 days too many for me, I finished and did OK but the last 2 days were a war of attrition, but they may have been due to the Weather. There was some fantastic singletrack, lots of logging road and very few paved sections. My only real gripe was the Prizegiving everyday just seemed to go on and on, it was between dinner and the next day's breifing so although I could have stayed away I didn't want to miss the breifings.

    I'd do the TR3 Solo if I was going to do it again but probably not the full race. Make sure you and your mate have about the same riding ability and fitness, my partner wanted to win the stage for the first 2-3 days where as I'm more of an endurance rider. So that caused a little friction. He then decided that he didn't like riding in the cold, an told me about it every 2 minutes for the next 5 days! You really should get on well and know your team mate well to make the most of it.

    La Ruta - Great Race, bit too much Hike a bike and the Organisation was hit and miss. The first day is a mud fest, the next 2 days just seem to be climb after climb and the last day was just a test of will power on the railway tracks. Glad I did it, don't think I'd do it again.

    I'd like to do the Cape Epic, BC Bike Race and Maybe the TransAlp
  • Thanks Clanton, I was close to doing the Trans wales last year but was put off as I live in N Wales I really wanted to pop my "Trans" cherry in a new never ridden location, plus the sprint sections at the Trail centres doesn't really float me boat.
  • Thanks for all your advice Uncle Fred, The Rockies is my first choice but the cost may be the decider over the transalp.
    I feel 7 days racing could be about 6 days too long for me but I am keen to try it.
    Had a quick look at the La Ruta site and that looks truly a stunning event.