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Stumpjumper or one of Lapierre bikes?

iw1978iw1978 Posts: 4
edited November 2009 in XC and Enduro
I have recently got into mountain biking My first bike was the 2009 specialized Rockhopper Pro Disc. Although I love this bike and have had hours of fun on it, I now feel the need to upgrade to full suspension.
As I had no complaints with my rockhopper I thought upgrading to the Stumpjumper FSR expert or expert carbon would be a good idea. I have since looked at many other bikes and a few that really caught my eye were Lapierre's X Control Race 700 2010, Zesty 714 & 514 2010 models.
Would anyone be able to offer me any advice to help me make a decision or recommend any other good all mountain / xc bikes of a similar spec.

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