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2 seat kiddy trailer advice

iancalderbankiancalderbank Posts: 32
I have a 3.5 year old and a 13month (who's just started walking, so his head supporting etc is fine). We ran them around centerparcs 4 weeks ago in a hire trailer and they loved it.

I'm thinking of buying a trailer - this would be for trips round the local lake, future center parcs visits, holidays anywhere else we might take the bikes etc. Due to our location, using bike+trailer for the daily nursery run isn't feasible, so a "daily use" trailer isn't what I need.
I want something that folds into the car nicely and isn't too heavy. but I also don't want to feel like they are being carried in a piece of cardboard. My only experience of trailers is of Burleys (centerparcs and a couple of other hire centres), whilst they are clearly very heavy duty, that would be overkill for me both on that front and the price side.

so what level to look at?
specialist trailer retailers with croozer and chariot at north of £400
the likes of wiggle and crc with the adventure's around £200
halfords at around £150
at the other end, there are some on ebay _new_ at £75. I am wary of something so cheap, but if its good enough for occasional use, then it might be ok. its hard to justify spending 100's if it will only get used once a month.

can anyone provide me with any feedback on what you get for different amounts of money, based on what they own / have tried?
hard bottom vs soft? ride comfort? wheel size?

any advice appreciated.

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  • tlw1tlw1 Posts: 21,341
    we have got the adventures

    Which fits in the boot of the saab & pesset estate along with mine & the wifes bike.

    Weighs circa 26lbs & seems to do the trick.

    If you want have a trip to Cannock on a sunday & will meet you there and show you ours.
  • We've got 1 of these: ... ailer.aspx

    Had it for about 3 years now and it was £130 back then. I would recommend the hard bottom as it keeps their feet from hitting a speed bump or something similar. Also more hard wearing. It's been a great trailer but once the eldest is about 4, it's not really suitable for both. Our kids are 4 and a half and 2 and we don't take them both at the same time. Partly because, it've a bit cramped and they fight and partly because it's very heavy and puts a big strain on the hitch. However, I'll be keeping it for family picnics and shop runs as we can put the food/toys/shopping in when they can both ride their own bikes.
  • We have a Philips, sort of like this one

    We got it from fleBay for about £40. It is light, folds really compact, puts together in minutes.

    Get one with a push handle so you can use as a rather large but just about manageable pushchair when you go somewhere.

    A hard base is not necessary but I would have definitely preferred one.

    I have a 6 and 3 yr old, they just fit together but nice and cosy.

    Dont forget to pump us the tryes regularly and get a spare 20" inner tube (tesco).
  • ... 0759720147

    if you have family in Canada this is the best value on the market... same factory as one of the big brand, I love my single... Couldn't justify the chariot's price even though they are made local.

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  • We have the Croozer 2, bought it as we wanted to take it on holidays and didnt want to have to take a buggy too. So this doubles as a buggy and trailer. It looks pretty comfy, wee fella has never complained and loves going out in it since about 18 months he is now 2 and a half.
    Its got some great extra space as a boot too so saves you carrying a backpack. Folds up pretty flat (but wide) fits in a Mondeo and an Avensis no problem. we got the extra water prrof cover and its a must when out in teaming rain. Def worth the investment.
  • I went through your pain of trying to choose a trailer a year or so back before giving up! I went from mid-range, talked myself up to a Chariot before reining myself back, considering real cheapies and then giving up.

    But I've just been really lucky and found a real bargain. Popped into Halfords on a fruitless search for a sledge and they had a big pile of bikes and related stuff that was marked 'clearance' and 'spares only'. In this was an unopened 2008 Halfords double trail buggy ** marked at 25 quid. I think the original price was about 100 quid.

    My requirements have changed slightly since I was last looking but the thing I got seems well built, feels relatively light, has appropriate strapping for carrying both 2 or 1 child (unlike one of my original choices, the Bumper Explorer Duo **) and folds up and down easily. Haven't had a chance to tow it yet due to the snow but for 25 quid I was happy to take a punt.

    So it might be worth popping in to a Halfords or two to see if this kind of clearance is happening elsewhere.
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