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I was speaking to my LBS about replacing my cables as the shifting has not been too great recently. He recommended the Nokons, so was wondering if anyone has been using them and what they think. I asked about the Gore ride-on cables, but he said they were sh1t and would refuse to fit them :?


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    From memory Nokons are in little pieces and when worn start to creak :?
    They take ages to fit too, so how much they going to charge you for that!
    I've got Yokozuna cables and they are brilliant. You can see them here.
  • I have Nokon. They're great - smoother shifts/braking and on a road bike the fact that they use stainless steel cable mean they should be fit and forget.

    The only thing is that the outers 'creak' when you're turning the bars. But if you rub some wax ceramic lube into the segments with your fingers this annoying noise goes :)
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    I'd always thought they were expensive, but it's £40 quid for the derailleur cables, so that didn't seem bad compared to the £25 for campag. So is the shifting smoother, or no different? I can probably handle a small amount of creaking, so long as it's not louder than me knees.
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    Nokon? Fit and forget in my experience - put them on my race bike 4 years ago and never touched them since. A quick squirt with WD40 stops the creaking. Best tip is to use full-length runs of the liner for a semi-sealed systems.
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    I use them at my rear mech because I have an issue where I need a somewhat sharp
    bend in the cable. In any case they work fine but I wouldn't bother with them except, like I've described, there is some issue involved. They work. Do they work better than normal
    housing? Not that I know of. Seems to me to be sort of another solution to a non existent problem. Then again I use them, so they worked for me and my "special condition". Please don't ask me to explain this. It's not possible. If I only knew how to take a picture and then post it. :oops: :oops:
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    they can discolour and flake after only a few months though.
    Not a quality finish.
    £25 for Campag but thats for a full set of both brake and gear.
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    Older nokons used to flake and i found that was after a few years of useage, the silver and gold are hard anodised now so no problems there, best system i've used, did try flying snakes big mistake quickly went out and came back with nokons.

    Pretty much a fit and forget system when done right, quite simple to fit just take your time, the odd spray of gt85 keeps the outers happy and some oil for the inners to keep them smooth.
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  • I have the Alligator I-Links, very similar to Nokon (no creaking at all) they work pretty well, smooth shifts and positive brake lever feel.
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    The gore ride on's are meant to be a very good system, i'm guessing it's your LBS is hit and not the gore's.

    I've had Nokon's on my trace bike for the past couple of season, i apply a little grease to the outers every time i wash my bike. they've never creaked. performance is sharp. I'd alos look at the alligator i-links as mentioned above. Just don't write off the Gore's because your LBS want's to sell you something more expensive.
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    My LBS is very good, and not one to push products. They just said they had had a lot of problems with the Gore system. Tbh, I don't know a lot about the Gores, but I was surprised. Have you used them alongside the Nokons?
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    Sorry - i'm jumping to conclusions there where I shouldn't be.
    I run the Gore cables on my winter bike and i've very happy so far, although be honest i've only been riding it maybe once a week or every other week lately - i've been using my fixed instead. I did notice an improvment in breaking over the old stock campaq cables that i had on, but they were a few years old (outers) and had been run over winters.

    I think Clee cycles had the i-links going at a good price last time I looked - i would definately consider them.
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    FWIW The reason that the Gore cables were discontinued a few years ago was the fact that they simply fell-apart - apparently the new ones have addressed this problem. There were some problems with certain colours of Nokons discolouring / corroding. I have some i-links on my cross bike - they aren't as strong and can split quite easily if given a strong pull - that said, they're easy to repair.
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