Bent / Buckeld rear wheel

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I've noticed my rear wheel is a bit bent,it only seams to be side to side,ive spun it up an marked it with a marker pen an there are 2 spots that stand out.
The rims are Alexrims DP17's ( i no there not the best rims around) hub,Shimano M475
What sort of cost would i be looking at to get it trued up ?
And can any one recomend a place in Derby to take it, i only really no of Samways.
Is ok to ride until i get it sorted or will i risk doing more damage .
Bike is a Gt Agressor Xc1 09, approx 6 months old,


  • Raymondavalon
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    When I lived in Bristol, my local Cyclesurgery charged me a whopping £7 to true a rim :roll:
    It's not that expensive and even your local Halfords BikeHut can offer the service
    You will need to remove the wheel from the bike and the tire from the rim though.. no biggie..

    No, riding with a slightly out of true rim won't make it worse, just keep both wheels on the ground, so no ambitious off road riding or jumping etc..
  • have a go yourself...there's some decent tutorials on's really not that hard
    and it won't matter THAT much if you bugger it's only a cheapish gives you the excuse to get some shiny new bits... :wink:
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    cheers , will ring up to see if i can get a price, if not too much i dont mind taking it else where for some one who know's what there doing, failing that i;l have to see if the misses will let me bring the bike into the kitchen to have a go.
    ment to put this in the workshop/tech section , if any one can move it