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Anyone had quality issues with Specialized Helix glasses??

daniel_bdaniel_b Posts: 11,417
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Hello all,

being a sucker for a bargain, I ordered a pair of these adaptalite glasses from leisurelakes.


A bit like that, but a white/carbon finish.

The overall quality feel of the glasses is excellent, they feel as planted and as solid as some oakleys I have, and I was initially thrilled with them.

On closer inspection I noticed a few minor niggles, but not niggles I am convinced should appear on £50 or £100 glasses.

The frame is bent, ie when you sit it down, the left arm does not rest on a flat surface.
I gave it a little twist, but as the frame is so strong and well made it only lasts for a few seconds before reverting.

The nosepiece isn't overly happy to sit enclosing both sides of the lens, it doesn't quite seem big enough.

The screw on one arm is recessed below the level of the arm, but on the other arm it is standing proud.

Oh yeh, and the 'carbon' finish on the top is very patchy, it spills over onto the front of the glasses, and is missing on some parts of the top section where it is meant to be.

Antfly on here has a pair he bought a few years ago, and says the finish on his are spot on, all be it not the carbon finish.

Anyway, I really like them, so I have ordered another 2 pairs......

My plan/hope being that one of the 2 pairs on their way will be a vast improvement over these, and i will simnply send the worst 2 pairs back for refund.

if they are all as bad, I think I will return all 3 pairs.

Just wondered if anyone else had experiences similar issues with quality of finish?

It's a shame, as they are on the brink of being superb glasses.

I've also noticed other colour finishes at JE James, and cycle store if you want a punt.

P.S Let me know if I am being far too finicky about such details!!


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  • AuldainAuldain Posts: 13
    Hi Dan
    Im looking for a different colour of frame for my Helix (Orange and white) glasses and wondered if you kept the three pairs you ordered and whether you were interested in selling any of them? I realise its a long time since your original post but thought I take a chance. Thanks.
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