Castelli V's Gore Sizing

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Has anyone got castelli and Gore bibs and can advise on sizing difference?

Does Castelli normally size one size larger ie. XXL in Castelli is XL in Gore?

Thanks for any help.
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  • I dont know an aweful amount about castelli. but the continental manufacturers tend to size up on size in everything. for example im a small in topman, but zara a spanish company, im a medium. so wait and see what someone else says.

    But i bought a pair of gore power bibs the 3/4 ones and was a large in them, yet some gore bib shorts i bought at the beginning of summer i was a medium. so im unsure if gore have changed their sizing over the last year aswell. I definatley haven't got fatter. :P ive lost a stone and a half over the last 6months.
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  • careful
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    Yes, 1 size up for Castelli compared to Gore.
  • Monty Dog
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    IME Gore tends to have a bigger cut than Castelli - but be wary, some of the Castelli stuff is disproportionate - I bought a Legarezza jacket and the arms are about 3" longer than the same size Espresso jacket.
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  • I have bibs from both manufacturers, L in Gore and XL in Castelli.