Sick of not cycling!!!!

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I have had a bad cold for over 2 weeks, its just getting better, but I have not done any cycling for past 4 weeks.

How long after a bad cold should I leave it, still got a bit of wheezy chest

Even tho its winter I can't wait to get back on



  • John.T
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    Just get out there. Keep it steady until you feel better.
  • Do you keep[ track of your RHR?

    IF so wait for it to return to within 5 bpm or usual.

    If you don't then definitely don't ride with a wheezy chest, you'll only make it worse again.
  • I know the feeling. Due to chest infection/cold, its over 4 weeks since Ive touched my bike and it will be at least another as Im away on a course next week.

    I need cycling to de stress and relax and I can feel myself simmering.............

    Im missing it an unbelievable amount!!
  • tlw1
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    Just back after two months, it's killed me
  • bobtbuilder
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    I've not ridden for 4 weeks now after my shoulder surgery. It's a miserable state of affairs. :cry:
  • I've not ridden since 13th September when I wrecked my bike. Cannot afford to replace it so am waiting for the Ltd Ed Boardman Team Carbon to be released in early December. Got my nice new winter stuff waiting for the day it arrives. I know I'll have to take it easy for a bit but am busting to get back out there.
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  • Anonymous
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    I was off the bike for a while earlier this year when I broke my leg in 3 places.

    The feeling of getting out again (although it was a 4 mile ride at about 8 mph) was wonderful!
  • amck111
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    I've been stuck down with "man flu" this week after last week’s drunken debauchery in Edinburgh.

    4 weeks off sounds nasty...I'm on day 14 of no cycling, it hurts. Flyer, your a strong man/lady to last that long of the bike.
  • I've done next to nowt for a month, mainly due to the missus being in hospital and then needing lots of tlc when she came home

    but she's on the mend now and the forecast's good for tomorrow, so the new Lapierre will be making it's debut in the morning
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    I've not ridden since since Sep 27 due to a knee op. 2nd knee op 2 weeks later has
    compounded the swelling and stiffness. It'll be a while before I'm back on the road.

    In the meantime, I've bought some (e-motion) rollers to start off with
    when the swelling and stiffness abates.
  • John.T
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    A 'bad' cold should not keep you off the bike. Easy riding will not do any harm and may help clear your chest. Going off and riding like a mad man however will. Injuries are another matter entirely and continuing will probably do damage.
  • This is the second day I have not cycled and I am climbing the walls!!!! Bloody storms darn sarf :x
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  • Just done 20 miles.......... in the garage :) Better than doing nowt at all :wink: Must find a new radio station to listen to.
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  • flyer
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    Nice to hear I am not alone, but I am getting bad tempered.

    It’s amazing how my mind reacts to no cycling, I feel lethargic and put 3 pounds on.

    Looks like it will still be a few days yet, still got a wheezy chest! don't smoke thank god, will make a visit to docs by end of week if no better. It’s been a really bad cold and had it for just over 2 weeks, all the head stuff and coughing has gone but it seems stuck on the chest.

  • nolf
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    At least you guys have a cold or ailment that keeps you off a bike!!!!

    I just have a ridiculous amount of work at the moment (the moment being the last 5 weeks). I tried fitting in 2 hours in the morning 8-10am some days for a couple of weeks, but just find towards the end of the day (8/9pm) it makes m too tired to keep working :(
    Same for weekends. I'm just waiting for Friday 29th when I'll have a whole day of no work, and I dont care if there is the biggest thunder storm in the history of man. I'm still doing a century ride.

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