Pinarello FP2

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Does this sound like a good deal?
A LBS I've discovered has a brand new Pinerallo FP2 2008 model still for sale and its the right size for me.

I was contemplating my next upgrade on my bike and am aware of 2010 models/specs have been "adjusted" to cope with the economic downturn and allowing companies still to be profitable.
Anyway my point is that my price range was a max of £1,500, I believe I could get this FP2 for £1200 maybe slightly less. Is that good for a 2008 bike? It has Ultegara Sl kit and infact a review on this site from 2008 is below ... 2-08-31374

The spec looks good but is buying a 2008 model a wise choice?
Any thoughts are much appreciated.


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    Yes, its a good bike if it is better than your current bike and I wouldn't let the 2008 tag put you off. there are not many bargains around, this looks very good for the money.
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    If you can get it for £1,200 then go for it - the 09 model was £1,500 for Shimano 105 (although Evans are doing for £1,250 now)
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