Fitting SKS mudguards to Giant SCR

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I finally got fed up of the wet and muddy back effect and so bought some SKS/Blumels mudguards from Ribble for my Giant SCR. As the SCR frame is designed to take mudguards and the SKS ones get a good write up, I thought these would be the ones to go for. Looking at the fitting instructions last night I wondered how other SCR owners using these mudguards have fixed the front 'guard at the fork crown. It looks as though it is intended to be fitted behind the fork but this would be a bit of a problem due to the recessed brake calliper nut. Fitting it to the calliper itself in front of the fork would move the 'guard forward and looks as though it would significantly reduce clearance at the rear. I did find these, which are intended to overcome the problem of the recessed nut but they seem a bit of a faff.

Any other thoughts or words of wisdom from fellow SCR owners?


  • No hassle. At least three bikes here with the clamp in front of the fork, recessed bolts are the norm these days.
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    Fit it to the front, it'll be fine :)
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  • SKS mudguards fitted to my SCR as above, in front of fork crown-no problem with clearance,you are just rotating the guard a few degrees.