Topeak Aero Wedge: Buckle or Clip?

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Simple, question:

Topeak Aero Wedge: Buckle or Clip?

Which is best for a road bike?


  • The main difference is one is easy to remove the other isn't - really depends whether you want to transfer from bike to bike or if it will just stay on one.
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    Stay on one... Although if I did move it, It is hardly a faff whatever the method.

    I just want to it to be light, tight, and reliable. One must be the better option?

    Just wondering what owners here chose, and if any have experienced both methods and have a preference.
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    I prefer the strap ones myself. Easy to fit/remove and I prefer not to have the plastic wedgie clip thingy permanantly attached to my bike.
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    I have several (3) strap type seat packs.
    The strap type appear more robust, having read about some clips failing!
    As you pointed out Scrumple, it's not exactly a faff to move them around...
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    I have the clip on type but it stays on there almost permanently. No breakages so far and it's got quite a bit of crap in it.
    Wouldn't leave it anywhere though; takes just a second to remove, and I'm quite fond of my Crank Bros multitool. Maybe another point in favour of the strap on version?
  • +1 on clip on, allows me to quickly swap my emergency puncture/toolkit to what ever bike I'm jumping onto without having to double up on tools or put a bigger wedge on if I'm going further and want somewhere to put my bread and dripping.
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    Straps for me these days, you can pull them tighter against the seat, clips are fixed and might hang down lower than you would like.
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  • prawny wrote:
    clips are fixed and might hang down lower than you would like.

    Fnar fnar. :wink:
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    My clip-on failed after a year. Luckily I heard it drop on the road and it wasnt run over. I replaced the plastic clip. I do use it on two bikes.
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    .i have had the plastic runners break off with clips and lots if vibration on a topeak tool case
    Me too - straps are more reliable though not quite as convenient.
  • I used to have a strapped one until bike got stolen. It was good though, thinking about getting another one, just not sure to go for small or medium!
  • I have both types, the clip type bag cannot be attached to my Sella Italia flite whereas the strapped bag is fine. The strapped bag will obviously fit more saddles than the clipped type...
  • When I bought my clip-on type bag the clip would not fit onto the saddle rails properly. There's an alternative clip, which is for racing saddles, and fits my Specialised Avatar saddle on a Cannondale Synapse fine.

    It's good to be able to quickly swap between bikes, but like most riders I think that the strap-on type is better - cheaper too.
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    One other small advantage with the strap type, is that you can stuff a light jacket between the bag and the saddle & cinch it up with the straps. :D
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    Medium strap ones for me, very reliable, and big enough but not too big.

    Not a big pain to switch between bikes, and surely you can't swap the clip on ones across easily unless you buy additional mounting points?

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  • clazza
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    Shouldnt use clip on carbon fibre rails - I have an Aliante saddle, therefore use straps but prefer clip as it looks neater

    Try the Topeak Propack - by far the best looking one
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    clazza wrote:
    Shouldnt use clip on carbon fibre rails - I have an Aliante saddle, therefore use straps but prefer clip as it looks neater
    I would be very surprised if something like a saddlebag caused a problem, you do clamp the rails onto the seatpost clamp with a lot more force after all.

    Having said that I am a fan of buckle/strap type and change my bag between bikes daily or indeed more frequently, it is not great effort.
  • clazza
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    There's a Ti reinforced part for where the seatpost clamps onto the rails