16'' bike for 4yr old

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I've been looking at the ridgeback mx16 or the specialized hotrock 16 but the spesh doesnt have a rear v brake that is important for skids.any other sugestions would be good .and just in case you think 16'' is too big for him he's giant 4 yr old and he likes blue bikes.


  • No experience but the evangelical owners on here would suggest that you might consider the Islabikes Cnoc 16?
  • My daughter has a Ridgeback Honay which is the MX14/16 in pink.
    We`ve been very pleased with it.Nicely made little bike.
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  • Our 3 year old rides a cnoc 16, perfect size, but he is a big 3 year old.

    Measure him, then take a look on islabikes sizing guide, stuff like inside leg is most important.
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    I was happy with a Specialized hotrock 20' for my son when he was 6 or 7. Now he is 10 and has an Islabike and the hotrock has passed on to his 7 year old sister I wish I'd bought the Islabike. The front forks hardly move and add a lot of weight and she has not got the grip strength to change down the gears. I feel guilty every time we are out now, the smallest person's bike to their own weight ratio is about 3 times that of everyone elses. The Islabikes are expensive but worth it if you want to make it as enjoyable as possible for the little ones.
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    I agree with gavmac with my kids currently riding a specialized hotrock 20 and an islabike bienn 20 small. The islabike wins hands down especially in terms of weight. Not much more in cost really and possibly cheaper when you consider resale values. Only downside is you cannot try it out without going to their premises which may be a long way for you.
  • I have just bought a 16" hotrock for my 4 yr old as it was the one that fitted her best. It has those peddle back rear brakes that I remember having as a kid on my bike, and they were excellent for rear wheel skids then??
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  • just to let you know i didnt take anyones advice and ended up buying a saracen bolt which seems to be a good buy thanks for your help anyway :wink: