Campagnolo compatibility ???

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quick question regarding what is compatible

i have a chorus 8 speed group and a centuar 10 speed group

i am building a training / cross bike and want to use a compact crankset and have a mirage 34 / 48 9 speed crankset

i also have an old set of campag vento wheels with a 8 speed cassette and a newer set of vento's with a 10 speed cassette

can anyone tell me what will work together if i want to use the old 8 speed wheels and the mirage 9 speed crankset - it would be great if i can use the gears and levers from either the 10 speeed centuar or the 8 speed chorus so that i do not have to spen to get the bike complete



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    Firstly, the 8 speed wheels unfortunately are incompatible with 9 and 10 speed drivetrains - the spline pattern on the freehub is different, so your pretty will limited to using an 8 speed drivetrain with them, but you can use the 9 speed chainset on the 8 speed set-up.
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    thanks for that

    so if i want to use the old 8 speed wheels, i will have to use the chorus group which is 8 speed, but can still use the 9 speed mirage chainset

    that will be OK, i am happy with that

    but if i want to use the new wheels which are 10 speed, then i could use the ten speed centuar parts, but will the 9 speed mirage chainset work with this setup

    sorry if these questions are dumb

  • But... you can easily replace the 8-speed freehub body with a 9/10 speed. AFAIK this is simply a case of removing the old one and fitting the replacement part, or flipping them between the two, assuming the hub design hasn't changed - I looked into doing this on an old pair of shamals that I never ended up buying, so I'm reasonably confident this is possible.
  • Also, there's not much difference between the cranks - the only difference is that the 10speed chainrings are milled to be slightly narrower. So, as long as you use the right rings, you can use either crank with either setup. Double check this, because i think one of the campag groups is different, but I think the different one is veloce.

    EDIT Actually, I might have got this completely the wrong way round, and it's the chainrings that are the same but the cranks that are milled. Check it out, one way is right. I'm too tired now to think and I need my tea ;-)