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Boardman Team Carbon wheels

scullymanscullyman Posts: 72
edited November 2009 in Workshop
Hi All,

After a fair bit of deliberation I have finally got hold of a Boardman Team Carbon - 10% off with a Halfords voucher and C2W was too good to resist. Only been out for a trundle but very pleased so far; I've checked it over and it seems reasonably well put together.

I have a question about the wheels. I've read a number of posts on the forum about spokes loosening and the wheels needing a weekly check etc. What exactly is the issue? Is it the rims, the spokes, just running with an incorrect spoke tension? I'd rather sort the problem before it starts if I can.

Also, as a mountain biker I tend to work on the basis that if I buy a reasonably decent bike I'll carry on with the stock components until they wear out. Anyone got any thoughts on the Ultra Sport tyres? Is it worth changing them for something with better resistance and grip for the winter or will they be OK for the time being?

Thanks and sorry if this isn't the correct place for the post.
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