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ah sorry, i didnt notice it was in euro's!

so its not really to finance the move to the new premises, as if it was you would be doing free build on the £999 ultegra for the UK market! I nearly bought one there! back to the LBS for me i think!


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    Why have you started a new thread?
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    What's so confusing? They are offering a £899 build (that's GBP not Euros) that is slightly lower spec than the £999 build and offering free build and free delivery to the UK and some countries in Europe.
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  • sorry, didnt mean to start new topic!

    so for the 899, thats the total cost

    for the 999, add 100 build and delivery = 1100 cost.

    is the 200 difference worth it?
  • the ride difference would be pretty minimal

    ultegra chainset vs fsa gossamer pro - im not sure most riders would notice the differemce

    ultegra cassette vs 105 cassette - im very sure most riders will not notice the difference

    ultegra chain vs 105 chain - im very sure most riders will not notice the difference

    dia compe vs ultegra brakes - dia compes stop you fine but ultgera brakes would be regarded as a better brake , however if you upgrded to the forged planet x brake , youd possibly argue after riding both its a better stopper , though less adjustable