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Been thinking about getting a turbo for a while, when my girlfriend mentioned she was thinking of getting a cross trainer - it's the only thing she liked using when she went to the gym.

Any suggestions for what to look for - I've never used one before, would I be better with a turbo, or is the cross-trainer.a better all-round fitness machine?



  • I used to use a cross trainer. Haven't been on one 'seriously' for a long time.

    They are very low impact which is good when compared to running, however I personally feel you need to work a lot harder on it to get the same level on effect you are going to get from a tred mill or a turbo.

    I personally don't think they are as versatile as a turbo either. You can kinda do intervals I suppose, but to get a seriously hard power work out? Nah, turbo has got to be better.

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