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How do I convert my old touring bike to a cyclo cross bike?

BobGeldartBobGeldart Posts: 41
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I've got a decent touring bike that I built back in the early 80s.
It's fitted with a TA chainset, Shimano 600 changers (10 speed ), Weinman brakes, Suntour wheels (27 x 1.25), Brooks B17 seat, Cinelli road handlebars etc.
Would the bike be ok to convert to a cyclocross type bike, it'll be used for training purposes in my local park?




  • laelae Posts: 555
    Yeah probably, the angles of a tourer are a bit closer to cyclocross than a racing bike's angles are (if that makes sense).

    So long as you've got enough clearance to fit some wider tyres and mudguards, it should make a half-decent cheap cx machine.

    Problems you might face are with weight (for carrying especially) and also with your rear mech cable if it runs under the bottom bracket - you might want to re-route it to run along the top tube as otherwise it'll get absolutely caked in mud. You might want a shorter/shallower angle stem to raise the handlebars a little bit too. The only 'big' problem with your frame is that most CX bikes use cantilever brakes to allow wider tyres and mud clearance - I presume yours has caliper brakes?
  • Yes, theey are side-pull caliper brakes. I'd be happy to fit knobbly 27x1.25 tyres (if such a thing still exists) to my existing rims.
  • laelae Posts: 555
    If you can't find any 27" tyres then modern 700c wheels will fit (so long as your brake pads can drop down by about 4mm).
  • dombo6dombo6 Posts: 582
    Just take it to the park as is.
    I used to ride a 5-speed Elswick Hopper in the 70s around my local woods and park. It was converted from a sit-up-and-beg 3 speed. Brooks B17 saddle, toe clips, Simplex gears, no name chrome drops and 26" michelin tyres. Must have weighed well over 30lbs but loads of fun.
  • Here she is, think I'll keep it as a single speed bike.

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