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This is driving me crazy

KerbdogKerbdog Posts: 68
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Hi guys,

Hope all are well. This should be an easy one for you guys but it is doing my tits in. I have the most annoying squeak coming from somewhere in the vicinity of the rear wheel. It been going on for a while and i have tried everything i can think of to get rid of it but nothing seems to work. I thought adjusting the brakes had sorted it out but sadly not (although it did seem to help for a little while).

Anyway the rear wheel squeaks once every revolution, but more so at lower speeds, and really loudly if pushing the bike along. There is also a creaking sound to be heard when rocking the bike from side to side.

So tonight whilst fitting the bracket for my torch, which finally arrived from DX, in preparation for a jont out tomorrow night, I tried messing about with the QR for the back wheel. What would you know, when the QR is undone there is no squeak. So is this squeak simple a case of the QR being too tight, too loose or needing a bit of oil somewhere?

Also, i have never been entirely happy with the set up of the bike since i got it (Halfords c2w jobbie) despite having it back several times. Any ideas how much a LBS would charge for sorting out gears and general checking?

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Cheers, Rob.


  • £25 for a general service.

    Do the qr up tighter
  • The RookieThe Rookie Posts: 27,795
    Have you a slight warp on the disc so its only brushing occasionally, changing the QR tension could move the wheel slightly relative to the calliper...

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  • canada16canada16 Posts: 2,360
    I thought mine was the rear wheel as well.

    But it just turned out my pedals needed to be cleaned and oiled, as they sqeeked with every turn
  • Thanks for the advice guys.

    Im pretty sure it isnt the pedals, i get this squeak even when free wheeling (therefore no movement in the pedals), but since the bike was put together by Halfords i suppose it can do no harm to clean and oil them anyway.

  • Daz555Daz555 Posts: 3,976
    If it has discs, it sounds like disc rub to me.
    You only need two tools: WD40 and Duck Tape.
    If it doesn't move and should, use the WD40.
    If it shouldn't move and does, use the tape.
  • nicklousenicklouse Posts: 50,675 Lives Here
    Kerbdog wrote:
    but since the bike was put together by Halfords

    which has nothing to do with it as Halfords do not assemble pedals. :roll:

    remove the chain from the cassette spin the wheel in the frame is the noise still there?

    yes remove the caliper from the frame (not the caliper from the adapter) spin the wheel? is the noise still there?

    If you take it is for a service tell the shop the problem and if possible get them to hear it.

    we had a bike in 3 times as we could never hear the noise that the owner could.
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  • ceecee Posts: 4,553
    jockey wheel perhaps?
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  • KiblamsKiblams Posts: 2,423
    We had a similar issue with a rockrider 5.2 son after buyig it, turned out to bea rubber dust cover on the one side of the rear hub which was stcking/slipping and causing a squeek when doing so. I just slapped some lube on there an the issue went away :D

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  • nicklousenicklouse Posts: 50,675 Lives Here
    cee wrote:
    jockey wheel perhaps?
    Kerbdog wrote:
    i get this squeak even when free wheeling

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  • missmarplemissmarple Posts: 1,980
    Rear disc, had the exact same symptoms, trued the disc and problem fixed. I do now however have an annoying squeak from the BB/Pedals.
  • canada16canada16 Posts: 2,360
    Try the freehub? make sure cassette on properly.

    Flip it upside down and look at the disc, if its catching then maybe.

    But oil the rear. make sure all is ok around the cassette area?
  • Cheers for all the advice, it has given me lots to try.
  • kvskvs Posts: 2
    In case you were thinking about getting a service for the gears etc, thought I would tell you about my recent experience.

    I got my first bike in nearly 20 years a couple of months ago, a Carrera Vulcan V-spec from Halfords. I've been pretty pleased with it, but over the last few weeks the cables have stretched a bit so that the gears no longer shifted cleanly. I gather this is pretty normal and Halfords do a free 6 week service on new bikes to sort stuff like this, however like you I was not very confident in their ability to set it up properly.

    So I did a bit of research and had a crack at adjusting the rear derailleur on Sunday. My gears now shift like a dream! Extremely crisp changes and they index perfectly - in fact, much better than they did when I bought the bike. In particular, I found the Park Tools site has great info on what to adjust and how:

    I would recommend trying some of the repairs/adjustments yourself, I found it pretty satisfying and you can always still take it for a service if you find you can't fix it. :)
  • I thought i had a sqeaky type noise but couldnt hear it when checking the bike

    Turned out to be my Shoes :oops:
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  • KiblamsKiblams Posts: 2,423
    I thought i had a sqeaky type noise but couldnt hear it when checking the bike

    Turned out to be my Shoes :oops:

    :lol: I have that! I changed from cranks with a matt finish to shiny ones and no if my foot is too close to the crank arm get a squeek!
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