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DT Swiss replacement decals...

type_grimtype_grim Posts: 54
edited November 2009 in MTB general
Hi there,

I bought a 2009 Specialized Stumperjumper Marathon Carbon mountain bike earlier this year.

I run the standard DT Swiss 4.2D wheelset (custom for Specialized jobbies).

The stickers on the rims are beginning to peel off....

I have been in touch with Specialized and they are about as much use as a chocolate tea pot!

I just wondered if you guys know where i would be able to get hold of any replacement stickers?

I know the decals on my rims differ to 'off the shelf' DT Swiss 4.2 rims, as mine are the 'Custom Specialized' bronze rims. I'm not that fussed if the only decals available are the 'stock' items; the the rims just look manky without them!

Many thanks,



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