Sag Aloo

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So how is it that I was scraping sag aloo* from my bike after this morning's ride, yet nothing that was flung into my face from the front wheel tasted remotely like spinach or potato?

* Messy spinach and potato side dish, popular in Punjab.


  • I hope you didn't try tasting it to confirm it was sag aloo... :D
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  • wordnumb
    wordnumb Posts: 847
    But what if it had been sag aloo and I'd just hosed the bike down without checking?
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    Saag Aloo, lovely jubbly......

    Popular in Maharashtra as well......

    I can see what may look like saag, but potatoes?

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  • wordnumb
    wordnumb Posts: 847
    I can see what may look like saag, but potatoes?

    Big clods of pale clay mud.
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    Classic sign of myxomatosis, rabbits extrete a solution which looks very similar to sag aloo, this is generally seen in the second week of the disease when it penetrates the digestive system.

    I only know this because I am a vet.

    It could be advised that you see your doctor and get a tetanus jab to be on the safe side.