Frame- Giant trance x '09 or Maverick 7/5 '07

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I have a Marin Rocky Ridge '06 and im planning on changing the frame and transferring the components over and then gradually upgrade them as funds allow. As the title suggests i have found these 2 frames and im wondering your opinions on them. Which would you choose and why? Benefits and negatives of each? I want to be able to ride xc and trails and mild downhilling. Thanks guys!


  • I've got the 09 Giant Trance x frame which I built up with existing bits.

    I really like it.

    There is little pedal bob and it climbs really well, loads of grip.
    It descends well too, feels really stable at high speed and is nimble in the corners.
    it's also pretty light 5.7lb I think.

    I like the way it looks too in ano silver colour.

    I can't speak for the other frame you are thinking about but obviously my vote goes for the Giant, I love mine. :D
  • Thanks for your opinion mate. Both frames seem to have excellent reviews! What set up have you got on your bike?
  • I've got it set up with not the best but robust and functional bits.

    Fox Float 120mm Fork
    LX Disc brakes
    LX Crank
    LX Casette
    LX Shifters
    XT Derailleurs Front and rear
    DTSwiss X455 Rims on Deore Centrelock hubs
    Ritchey WCS Carbon bars
    Raceface Deuce Seatpost
    Charge Spoon Saddle
    85mm Stem

    All works and it still feels fairly light.
  • Any thoughts anyone? Has anyone else had experience of one or both?
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    got the 08 x0 which i've had for nearly 1 year. used it mainly in the dark peak and on marathons. changed a couple of bits (contact points mainly) just because i know whats comfy for me.
    as mentioned the frame and shock weight is 5.7lbs so it can be built up pretty light and the maestro suspension is good at its job.
    afraid i have no experience of the maverick frame so can't comment on that
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  • I asked the guy in the lbs and he suggested the giant because it is a big company with parts readily available. Do you guys think this could be a problem with the maverick? Does anyone own a Maverick?
  • Based on your replies here,it seems n one owns a Maverick.Future spares supply of things like bearings/pivots is something to be considred,but also that Giant simply makes very good frames.

    It might be worth asking this question about the Maverick on the singletrackworld forum,where they have a fondness for anything slightly niche..... :wink:
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  • Ok. Good idea and thanks for the advice!