Bit naughty, but funny

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Made me laugh anyway.

This afternoon, near home after a 25 mile ride, I came round a bend to see 2 teenage lads on bikes about 1/4 mile in front of me. One spotted me immediately, spoke to his mate, and they obviously decided to give me a race - they started peddling faster, heads down. I caught them quickly, paused behind them, took my water bottle out and sat up. I made sure I took 2 big swigs of water as I passed, then head down I zoomed away.

Good lads, they didn't even call me names.

Before I get flamed, remember they started it! Anyway the jokes on me long term - 5 years time I'll be older and fatter, they'll be skinny and stronger, and I'll be the one left behind.
I should get out more (on the bike)