Watching Paris-Roubaix

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Hi all

I'm considering going out to watch the Paris Roubaix in 2010. Has anyone got any tips on where to stay, where to watch etc? Any advice very much appreciated - this will be my first expereience of watching a Pro Race.

Many thanks


  • Don't know about where to stay but A Man once told me that Carrefour del Arbre would be good spot, the breaks often go on this stretch. Arenberg would be a top spot too but very chaotic with the crowds (though I suspect this will be true of all the later stretches of cobbles). If you signed on for one of the guided tours with companies such as Sports Tours then they'll include accomodation and probably get you to a few of the cobbled stretches ans well as the finish.
  • Great choice. I saw it at Carrefour de l'Arbre last year. The atmosphere was fantastic and you can ride the cobbles yourself before and after the race. We took the ferry to Dunkirque and rode to Lile, where we stayed in a hotel. On the morning of the race we rode the 15 miles or so to the race. You can buy food and drink there, but take a jacket because it can get quite windy in the fields.